Welcome to my portfolio site!


Hello, my name is Carley Knight and this is my portfolio site

This is the website where you can check out my current projects and what I'm working on.


Hello my name is Carley and I'm an artist and Designer. I just graduated from MATC with honors with a Diploma in Front-End Web Development. I am looking for my next position. If you like what you see and want to hire me, feel free to reach out. I created this site using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with a bootstrap framework.




Site Example 1:

Leon's frozen Custard Spec site created with Bootstrap

Site Example 2:

Site created in Adobe XD of Lakeside Brewery for interactive design classs
* Please note that this is just an image of a site, not an actual working website.

Site Example 3:

My personal website I created on Squarespace

Site Example 4:

CRM website created on Wordpress



I love to get feedback on my work and I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about the course I'm doing that helped me to build these sites. Feel free to reach out and ask me anything:

My email is: Carley @ Carleyknight.com